Although I wasn't able to go home, I still spent Thanksgiving with family. My teammates and coaches came together for wonderful thanksgiving feast that made not being at home easier. The food was great and everybody was having a great time as we celebrated all that we are thankful for. I personally am thankful that I still have my parents and am able to play the game I love everyday. It is truly a blessing and i am very fortunate to be in this position.

Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Trip was a exhilarating experience for me and my teammates. We stayed the beautiful Conrad Hotel with the other seven teams in the tournament. It was an interesting atmosphere as we got to spend time with both our team fellow players. San Juan is truly a paradise as we got to experience amazing views, beautiful beaches and historic landmarks. Although we went 1-2 i feel that we got better every game and are ready to take the next step in our growth as a team


Breast Cancer Walk

Last week while watching a few football and baseball games I was kind
of surprised to see so many athletes, coaches, and their staffs arrayed
in something pink. At first I wondered what this pink stuff was all
about and then I realized that it was a very powerful and positive
campaign to make the public aware of breast cancer and the need
to find a cure. We all have mothers or sisters or aunts and female
friends who might become stricken with breast cancer. As a BU
student-athlete I was very proud to march with my coach, teammates and
fellow BU athletes in solidarity for such a worthy cause. Awareness and
action are important; I am just concerned that after more than 50 years
and probably billions of dollars spent on research of cancer in
general, we don't seem to be any closer to a cure than we were in the
1950s. Has cancer become a big business?


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